I hope you are safe and healthy during this wild-ass, uncertain time. Like many authors, I’m sad that I won’t be going on tour as planned. I love meeting new readers, seeing folks who have been following me for year, hearing y’all stories, taking pictures, and personalizing books, so you can imagine that like many authors, I’m so sad that I won’t be going on tour as planned, but I know– rightfully so!– that my community is committed to #StayingHome and I wanted to figure out a way to get y’all a little something special.

I wanted to collapse the gap between myself and your signed copy and several indie bookstores, as well as Barnes & Noble, have stepped in to help make that happen! Follow the link to figure out how to get a signed copy! Additionally, my publisher has offered to give away a custom set of pens with every preorder. Ayyy!

I can’t tell you how much your excitement for my new book, CLAP WHEN YOU LAND (on-sale May 5th) means to me! A huge thank you to the bookstores who were going to host my events – I will miss seeing you and truly appreciate all your support!

Please visit: https://go.epicreads.com/clapwhenyouland-preorder/ for a list of participating stores and to see how you can receive an exclusive 3-pen set.